His Majesty humiliated

As an animal of the month this time Symphysodon eaquifasciata. Some of his subspecies. Royal blue (Alenquer,) and green. Splendid original animals. For comparison one of the numerous breeding products out of Asia that under several highly inventive names turn up in traffic. It were to my opinion desirable that breeders became more aware of their responsibility for the natural forms ! That seems to me a quite a nice item for a discussion me (reactions to info@fishnphoto.nl.)
Three beautiful discusfishes as a compensation for the new type that you missed last month. Me to anyhow, by problems with my scanner. These aren't yet completely solved as a matter of fact. After that I'll come back to that.

Discus fires the imagination of every aquarist. Still But every one gives that image a highly personal interpretation. Numerous are the color variants out of Singapore and Taiwan, but with our neighbors in the east on knows a thing or two about that. The Netherlands and Belgium follow.
Discus, where you had to pay also in the first years quite a substantial sum for the most beautiful wildlife animals did become commodity. On the link-pages I admitted a link to the site of the KITTI PHANA - ITTHI DISCUS FARM in Taiwan. The real fancier can familiarize himself.

Look and compare:

.......Wild animal: Royal blue from Alenquer







The umpteenth Hebrides from selective breeding"Bengal stripe"