Parasicydium bandama

This month we spotlight West-Africa. From the situated there Ivory Coast Ivoorkust originates namely the little animal of this month. It belongs again to the Gobiidae. The little fish was imported from there round about February by the importer Tropifish at Beek en Donk.
It really is a shame that imports out of this
continent very seldom occur generally. With the exception of lake
Malawi and lake Tanganyika. That of course partially depends on the political situation, whichduring the last years can be called at least inconstant .

The species was discovered in 1980 in the Bandama-river in Ivory-Coast and described by Risch. For the rest it occurs in the Lokunjeriver in Cameroon and in the basin of Kouilou in Congo. The chances are that it occurs also in other basins in West-Africa. I presume that it is not necessary any more to make a description.The photographs picture clearly the looks with the characteristic qualities. The large photo a female. The inset on top right a female and a male on the right. At the bottom on the left a male again. In this way we become a fairly good impression of the lips, that special with the males are grown together to tremendous succor cup. The inset on top left pictures the mail suck fixed against the pane of the tank. There it sat vertical against. It was flashed on to much fro the left, so that the right half stayed in the shade. A pity Jammer. The picture does not become more evident of it. Things like that you see just when they come back from the fotofinishing laboratory. The animals, that by importer importer,Ton Kooijmans, were given to me for the session of photographs were sold an their scanty congeners as well. That is only logical wit suchlike raritys. This made the improvement of the visual material impossible.
It is to be seen very clearly that the pectoral fins are grown together in a way that they form a kind of a sucking nap .That characterizes the little animal as a occupant of fast-running waters. In the tank at Tropifish they appeared to be able to dig themselves in super-fast in not to coarse bottommaterials and at the approach of the aquarium they also did time after time. The colorful inset on the right precise specifies the habitat.
Housing- and - care advises:
De grootst waargenomen lengte van de gobius bedroeg 54 mm. So the animals don't need a tank that large. They do need a bottom of a composition not to fine. Local rock mass imitate the rapids. A sturdy pump provides a respectable flow trough the tank. The water the best can be slight acid to neutral en we choose the temperature not to high; 22 a 23 C
As food all kind of worm- or crustaceans are to recommend, when the little rasp teeth in the wide beck indicate that some algae or the replacement of them are necessary.
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