This time a seawatertank as current vivarium.It is the tank with wich Mr. M. Levering from was allowed to compete for the highest honour in 1997.

The measurements are 250 X 60 X 60 cm's. An aquarium with mainly lethercoprals, discosoma's, een simle gorgone and even an anemone, together with 3 Amphiprion ocellaris, does not lack. And I hazard the suggestion, that in this mass of water that is cleaned by means of a balanced filtering system, the nettle cell can hardly harm. Anyhow there are no traces of it to be found. The suggestion of the reef is misleading.

The diversity is enormous; variegation of forms and colors. Very often is suggested that such a riftank would be a reflection of nature. That is of course is downright nonsense ....The organisms aqre the onley thing the natural and the artificial milieu have in common. You often hear telle, also the judges of in 1997 vonden thought so - that the animals may not be in competition with each other. Even that is exactley the other way round in nature. The organismes are involved in a everlasting competition .
The strongest grow and increase and at least they gain the upperhand. The debate about that is onley at the start. Fossa and Nilson also come in the discussion. Their opinion is that the struggle of nature has to be qufought. Also in the aquarium And according to the pace in wich discosoma's, softcorals and even stony corals grow, increase or can be multipyed, seems to decide in their favour. To be witness of the events in a seawateraquarium . becomes onley more attractive and interesting by it.
De afmetingen zijn 250 X 60 X 60 cm. Het wordt verlicht met een 8-tal lampen van 36 watt in de kleur 11 die telkens twee aan twee over de volle lengtevan het aquarium reiken. Verder nog twee "active" van 40 watt.
Ze branden op een uitgekiend schakelschema van 's morgens 9.00 uur tot 's avonds 22.30 uur. De waterbeheersing vindt voor het overgrote deel plaats in een biofilter gevuld met bioballen, gecompleteerd met een eiwitafschuimer. Er is ook een kalkreactor die de carbonaathardheid stuurt. Voor die tijd, toch alweer een paar jaar terug, geavanceerde techniek.
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