Tropical cicada keeps awake the neighborhood in St.-Oedenrode

De residents of de Boskant, a little center near St.-Oedenrode, are kept awake since lately by the chirping of a Cicada which has settled there. It sounds like a cricket, but a number of times louder. High and shrill and with the strength of the singing of a thrush. Boskanter Harrie Bullens is the happy one that may pay hospitality at the insect.
The animal is in the family of the spittlebeests that with us are responsible for the white blobs of foam , that in grasses or other green plants pay shelter at the larva of a cicada. Further we know of course the bloodcicada that recently at several places gathered themselves. But the insect is a number of times larger, ca 5 CMS. Probably the increasing temperature has enticed the animal to the low lands. Possibly it came along on the car of a holyday-maker. Anyway in the future we will get to do more often with this kind of travelers. Source : Again Eindhovens dagblad, Tuesday 29 9 2009