Red plants
The planted tank of Mr. A. Ruyten in St.- Joost,
Dutch champion 1985

Measurements 160 X 70 X 70 cm .......................biological filter of ca 100 l inh.
list of fisheslist of plants

.6 .st.Trichogaster leeri
12 st.Carnegiella strigata fasciata
15 st.Bedotia geayi
23 st.Cheirodon axelrodi
.st.Xiphophorus variatus
.st.Epalzeorhynchus bicolor
.5. st.Corydoras paleatus .
.st.Botia sidthimunkii
.st.Ottocinclus affinis
XX st.Appelsakken

pH 6,5
DH 7.0
KH 5.5
Es 600
The nomenclatuur is actualized

1.. .Ludwigia glandulosa 1)
2.. .Saururus cernuus
3. ..Hygrofila difformis
4. ..Echinodorus amazonicus
5. ..Alternanthera reineckii fa.lilacina
6. ..Didiplis diandra
7. ..Cryptocoryne petchii
8. ..Limnophila aquatica
9. ..Ammannia gracilis
10..Lobelia cardinalis
11..Cryptocoryne moehlmanni
12..Najas microdon
13..Alternanthera reineckii fa rosaefolia
14. Ceratophyllum demersum
15. Glyceria maxima
16. Hydrocotyle leucocephala

1985 is already almost history The still looks modern and up to date. At hat time Andre was of the first who build a CO2 diffusion apparate themselves and with it they were capable to make functionate well difficult plants too. Perhaps it is of importance too to know that this tank scored ca 127,5 points. Formerly at the counting the maximum score was 150 points.More about red plants you can read through the links on this page.








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