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The site for the modern and motivated Aquarium- or terrarium keeper.
Approximately once in a month one of the items current vivarium or current animal concerning a theme, are renewed. There will be placed also some Photo-info pages in relation with this item. The judging-report will be updated when there is a motif for.
The interested outsider will be able to become acquainted with the wondrous world in aquaria and terrariums. Associations can find information about the lectures Frans Maas can deliver. Index of lectures with descriptions can be used in the club magazine as a announcement for the lecture. Editors of literature on the aquarium hobby can gather an impression of the illustrations that are available. On demand there is an extended list available. All photographs on this site are made by Frans Maas and are protected by copyright. Mail to F&P for information about the use of them when you need aquarium photo's of any kind.

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The site was updated monday 9 januari of 2012

  • A very beautiful picture of Fossorochromis rostratus. It was in one of the tanks that I judged in Limburg with Mr. Peulen. Most of the pictures were taken by J. Pasma.
  • The report of two judging are admitted on the site. In the district Twente and surroundings.
    There were 14 participants 6 with a planted tank, 7 with a special tank and 2 with seewatertanks.
    Here J, Nijkamp was the photographer. We hope you will appreciate them. After Twente we admitted the report of the district North and Mid. Limburg. The next weeks we will complete the report with pictures with some details and animals. We hope you will enjoy them.
  • We placed a new item behind the button "novelties and current info"
  • Our item Heros is approaching completion. One can become acquainted with it behind the button "current animal".
  • Behind the button "current vivarium" is information about how to scape a special tank for this cichlid. You 'll also find a commentary of the culture of this cichlid.
  • On the picture a pair of Heros appendiculatus from Santarem. One of the various Heros-variants that occur in the Amazon river and the numerous tributary's of it.
  • We placed two images about a tank for Heros. We publish advice's about feeding and breeding Heros. Our vision on it was fed by the experience of Roland Huiberts who became Dutch champion in Keeping aquarium with a tank for Heros notatus in 2006 and 2007, so he knows the ropes.
  • On this site you will find further examples for the construction of various other special-tanks. bihind the button "current vivarium"
  • Behind the button "F&P foto-info"is information on various groups of fishes. To see everything it is handy to use the "pointingfishes" at the bottom of the pages. The row of little numerals under the texts are links to the various pages.
  • Everything on this site is to be found with the links behind the button "table of contents"
  • Puzzling stays a pleasant and innocent pastime, so we paid attention to them. You'll find some behind the concerning button and in the archives.
  • We wish you a lot of pleasure with this site and hope the information will come in handy

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