The tank with bracish water or the tidal aquarium of Cees de Snoo
Benedenrijksweg 97 in Ridderkerk
It has the mneasurements of 220 X 65 X 65 cm. It is lighted from 7.00 h. till 21.30.h. by 2 TL-neon tubes of 38 Watt's of the colour 32. Mr. de Snoo had quite a lot of trouble constructing the ebb and fllodinstalation Label "Self Made" and get proper controled. But now it functionates perfectly any how. On the blue-print on page 2 shws the working of it.


5 stuks Anableps anableps
8 stuks Aplocheilichthys spilauchen
6 stuks Brachygobius xantazona
3 stuks Periophthalmus schlosheri
2 stuks Afurkagobius tamarensis
1 stuks Dermogenius pusillus

1 Aegiceras corniculatum
2 Rizophorma mangle
3 Pandanus veitschii
4 Acanthus ilicifolium

Cees choose for a location a little farther the influence of the tiding are clearly perceptable, but the breakers play hardly a rol. Also the salinity may be a little more moderate. It was also quite difficult for the mangroveplants to strike root to, but at the moment they grow well.

at the photo: Participant and judge at the judging, a pure hobbyevent, in exhange of opinions











temp: 24,5 o C
pH; 7.2
KH: 7
Zout: 1,005/6