The Oosterschelde tank of Mr. J. H. Lindenberg at Yerseke.
It is already several years ago that my colleague-judge Hub Custers and I in the Zeeuwse Yerseke were all eyes for a jewel of e saltwater aquarium. And a coldwater-aquarium too. Up until then I had, what for exactly, lived with the idea that such an aquarium aesthetically could not mean very much. Here appeared that nothing is less true. The restrained beauty of harmonizing pasteltints gives you a feeling of a modest rest. I immediately was convinced. And I still am up until now

Perhaps it is the most nature-friendly way of keeping an aquarium I ever experienced. At that time Mr. Lindenberg was employed in catching mussels. What became to big in his aquarium he took with him back to the nature.
I translate here a part of the article that coleague-judge and at that time member of the editorship late F.F. Schmidt wrote in connection to our judging results in edition 58 (1988) page 8 - 11 of "het Aquarium" .
" The Oosterschelde: Before we describe the aquarium further for you some words especial devoted to the Oosterschelde, about which most of the Dutch -and neither most aquarists- don't know what an unique area we have within our frontiers. An interior sea with the only littoral zone in the Netherlands. Already in the Middle Ages one tried to protect the country against floods and and caving in by the influence of the waterstreams by protecting the borders with enormous rocks. One used for that so called Vilvoordse steen, a kind of limestone collected in the environment of the little place Vilvoorde in Belgium. Up until nowadays that continued, with the understanding that the use of the Vilvoordse steen has been replaced by basaltblocks and concrete......"

" If the northsea does not become warmer as at most 17 a 18 gr C, The Oosterschelde knows temperatures up untill 21 a 22 gr C. That is caused by the in fact low waterrefreshment in that area..............
All in all an unique area and we only must be glad protectors of milieu succeeded in preventing a total closing." So far my translation