..............................Speciaal-aquarium Midden-Amerika

Aquaria for Cichlids out of Cental-America are thin on the ground. That is why we're yust going back in history. To the jear 1995 in Which Mr Pouwels of Aquarium society Aqua Tropica at Hoensbroek competed for the greatest honour in aquaristics. The aquarium measured like it fits with Cichlids of this shape. 230 cm X 110 cm X 165 cm. Quite a luck that the owner, Mr Pouwels, had suffiucient room at his disposel in his house. He even could breake the large depth at the left side with complete birches. when not it would quite have been very massive. An exquisite plant on the right pleced the inventive and splendid piece of furniture in tropical atmospheres. It was occupated by three times a couple. Not represented are the Herichthys cf. geddesi. Also a couple. Realy quite a pitty Mr Pouwels did not choose for groups of fishes. In this enormous quantity such must be quite possible. We in vain searche for plants, if at least we search for them, then experts know eat every green plant that is movable and immovable.
This however is amply compensated by the choise of the decorative materials. Coulors in harmonie with the colors of the fishes and of sufficient size, so that the size of the animals are getting across quite natural and not colossal at all. Here also turnes out that the crackers of yesterday will stay actueal. Read on everything about this cichlids at the Quetzalcichlid and the corresponding foto-infopages 33, 34, 35 and 36

2 Cichlasoma pearsy


1Vieja synspila female



1Vieja synspila male