This time we would like to return to the vivarium with which we opened this row in April. Indeed a beautiful aquarium interior and a first acquaintance with the aquariumartist, as they are called in America, A. Reulen from Kerkrade. As a reaction on it we got quite a lot of responses of people who thought the information very summary. We can agree with that wholehearted. That was a little the consequence of the fact that we liked to start soon. At this moment we return to this vivarium with two full pages.

The inset above on the left has a clear suggestion of how the aquarium has gained a place in the residence of the family Reulen. They used a embrasure next to the left of the Staircase. PVC pipes were integrated in the floor so that the hoses for the filtering could be taken underneath the staircase. The biological filter and the the swichgear are put away safe in a cupboard on the right under the staircase. For the rest it loans to look once more on the big picture. The vertical Apenogeton ulvaceus in the center is a significant contrast with the horizontal Nymphea spec.
If you don't know, you don't notice, but it are two plants, both differing in color a little. In that way there came an extra dimension into being. That is also the case with the Nymphea. Two plants intermingled. Only the two hind leaves of the back plant are not taken away in order to strengthen the contrast with the dark fossil wood. This brings the plant free from the wall, which enlarges the suggestion of depth