A little stream in West-Africa
Between art and kitsch

This month the Dutch counterpart of Takashi Amano Mr. A. Reulen at Kerkrade. Elsewhere on this website you will become acquainted with an other aquarium designed by him. This shot hails from the beginning of 1980. A wondrous little peace of nature imitated in an aquarium. Nearly completely genuine. The design refers sufficiently to nature. The productive Hemichromis payni frequently provides the kwastvinsnoek of food. On his turn it spikes the thread of overpopulation in a complete natural way. (Non-consumptive aquaristics) He used the imaginary shortening by the breaking of the light on a cleaver way by constructing the part of land on a floating terrace above it.


To the photographers amongst You I would like to indicate the way the shot has been taken: With the most little diaphragm and a shuttertime of several seconds. I don't remember exactly how much,but with a good light one must be able to determine that. To narrow the deference between the part above the water and under it,the first was covered with a black cloth that on command was taken away at the right moment. Who looks well can vaguely see the p[person that obeyed the orders in an outstanding way.