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Red plants in the architectonic aquarium 3

..Cabomba aquatica ( + bloeiwijze)
Rotala indica...
Rotala Wallichii..

Rotala macrandra..

Cabomba furcata (+ bloeiwijze)...

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In aquaristics red cabomba has drawn rather some attention. And still very often aquarists take it on a trial; however nearly just as frequent this leads to failure. In scientific view the number of types in the line have been brought back to five: Cabomba aquatica, Cabomba caroliniana, Cabomba flavida, Cabomba furcata and Cabomba palaeformis. They each have their own varieties and types. That does not simplify the identification to the outsider. Excepting the few times a little flower will develop at the top of a garland that is allowed to grow along the surface of the water. At this page two types with strong red coloring. Sometimes Cabomba Aquatica wants to grow nicely in optimum circumstances; i.e. Very gentle (KH < 3) water that is kept acid by Co2-diffusion pH < 6.5,

Also the availability of iron must be kept on level. Except the florescence in the inset, the image shows, a plant adapted at the circumstances here defined at right and a group in the aquarium immediately after purchase. To my experiences it lasts at the most 14 days until the splendidly red heads of the Cabomba furcata are drifting on the water surface, generally much shorter.
Three portrayed species of Rotala have appeared to be valuable eye-catchers in the aquarium under the conditions we mentioned already above. The photos have been shot in aquariums in which one paid special attention on dosage of iron.
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