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Voorgrondplanten in het Architectonisch Gezelschapsaquarium 3

Hottonia inflata ( minivaantje)
. Heteranthera zosterifolia (grof)
Saururus cernuus
(Leidse plantje)
Heteranthera zosterifolia
Proserpinaca pectinata

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On the pictures on top right and left two "miniferns" that are difficult to tell apart. Pictured on the right Proserpinaca pectinata originates from i.e. Florida and because of that it is a little more resistant against the high temperatures in our aquaria. Telling apart Hottonia inflata (at the left on top) and Hottonia palustris (the native Water stock) is even more difficult. The last one is very bound to the season and is often offered at the beginning of April. Much longer than a year it mostly does not keep well.
........ Growing conditions: much lighting, temp.:< 25oC neutr. - soft and acid water
Heteranthera zosterifolia. At the bottom on the left and on the right are pictured two different appearances of the plant. In aquaria lesser in size one often needs an file of plants that are a little more refined while in bigger aquaria or more to the background een leaf a little more robust would not be unbecoming. The way in which we shorten Heteranthera zosterifolia is determinative for the utter form. If we remove the tops and we leave the stalks where they are, the leafs will get lesser in size always.

When on the other hand one pulls the plant out of the bottom and puts back only the tops, they will become little by little always larger. Of course other causes as the availability of nutritious matter and lighting play an important role.
..........Growing conditions: a lot of light, poor bottom.
Under in the mid: the Leiden plant (Saururus cernuus); responsible for the worldwide fame of the Dutch planted tanks. It grows very slow and because of that it was easy to form a so-called Leiden street with it. Often the problem was that the leafs that stayed under water for a long time were covered with algae and became filthy at last. That is why at present they are less often used and are jostled by plants that are easier to care like Lobelia. That is a pity, for such a Leiden street gave a special and ultra-Dutch atmosphere.
..........Growing conditions: passable lighting < 25oC
Just like all plants with small lobs minifern demand a good filter to discourage algae, which will bring the plants to an end