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Serranidae Antyhiinae
Pseudanthias squamipinis Alpha male
Pseudanthias dispar
Pseudanthias squamipinnis female
Pseudanthias tuka
Pseudnthias squamipinnis male
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Pseudanthias species are perhaps the most well-known inhabitants of the tropical coral reef coasts.By the colorful pictures of the Red Sea, where they are found in numerous numbers above the reef slopes or in the free water. Something general knowledge about a genus of fishes or a family is important because one learns already about the species that belong to it even if there is no detailed information about reproduction and care.
In general: The genus Pseudanthias belongs qua descent to the family of the Serranidea and in the subgenus of Anthiinae, that are considered as the order of Percoidei, (The Perch like ). All Pseudanthias species are fishes that live in a school, that at a danger immediately seek a safe shelter clefts and holes. They like clear, pure and oxygenic water. Requirements that are difficult to comply with in a fish aquarium
Only in a reeftank the care of representatives of this family within reach of the aquaristic. After all in a aquarium like that the mentioned circumstances are already demand for the anthozoans. Biological filtering en giga-protein skimmers guarantees the desired quality of the water.
Not only the quality of the water is important at the care specimen

out of the genus Pseudanthias, the environments are of importance. In the natural niche they are pure planktonivore fishes. First problem to solve is how to get them to accept frozen nourishment. Not seldom the refuse the offered food. The well assorted petshop offers deep frozen fish eggs and eggs of lobsters. As a rule this food is eagerly eaten by the animals. This again may lead to the fact that several other deepfrosen products are accepted. At feeding eggs prudence is highly called for. It are simply and solely proteins. At feeding excessive this may lead fast to worsening of the water quality. Even when feeding with tact and discretion it may lead to the overflowing of the collecting tank of the protein skimmer
The in sea water aquaristic feared ectoparasites do not play an important part in the period of quarantine . That will be connected with the mucous skin of Pseudanthias, which makes it impossible for them in a certain extent to encapsulate in it. And that is a good thing because very sensitive to medication if there is a quarantine aquarium available; in the reef tank itself every treatment with medicaments is wicked.